CFO Consulting

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Consulting Services

Work with our CFO Consultant to evaluate your current financial health and to set up the roadmap for success for your firm.   Services include:

  • Creating a budget for your business
  • Create key performance indicators for your marketing and sales that will accomplish your goals.
  • Assistance with creating a business plan for your growth
  • Creating revenue projections
  • Creation and ongoing monitoring of financial statements and reporting, ensuring adherence to state and federal requirements
  • Training with your accountant or book keeper to ensure proper tracking of expenses and revenue
  • Ongoing monthly one-on-one consulting with your CFO

Fund Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Consulting Services

  • Provide input to developing sophisticated transaction structuring on any transactions as needed
  • Oversee and manage financing of Firm’s portfolio and manage the financing requirements for newly originated or new investments throughout the firm’s portfolio.
  • Optimize the debt structure on all investments within the portfolio (pricing, structure, term, etc.).
  • Identify and structure vehicles to hedge interest rate risk and explore credit enhanced financing alternatives.
  • Develop, enhance, implement and enforce financial policies and procedures that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the business.
  • Oversee preparation of annual budget and periodic forecast updates.
  • Oversee the preparation of regular financial reports (monthly, quarterly, annually or more often as requested) to assist the team in tracking performance and making decisions.
  • Provide regular financial reports (monthly, quarterly, annually or more often as requested)
  • Supply timely and accurate analysis of budgets and financial
  • Direct and analyze studies of general economic, business, regulatory and financial conditions and their impact on the organization’s policies and operations.
  • Develop financial projections
  • Draft language for financial controls and operations portion of prospectus

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Other Services

Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation

Registered representatives and investment adviser representatives have unique relationships with their employers. These industries are governed by complex rules that dictate much of the terms of employment, and where the parties are left to contract for themselves, they often do so using industry terms, regulations and metrics that require a detailed knowledge of industry laws, rules, standards, and practices. My RIA Lawyer represents both firms and individuals with respect to their contracts, including drafting and negotiation. We also handle disputes that arise when an employment relationship is strained, is coming to an end, or is terminated.


Entity Set Up

We routinely assist advisers with setting up their entity by providing the following services:

  • Register entity with Secretary of State
  • Obtain Federal Tax ID
  • Obtain employer tax and worker’s compensation documentation in local jurisdiction
  • Draft operating agreement

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Are you departing a Protocol firm? We are well versed in Protocol and can help you understand the information you are entitled to take with you.

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