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About My RIA Lawyer

We are living in a time where the financial adviser is guilty until proven innocent. We are changing this narrative by empowering our financial advisers and demanding accountability for abusive regulators.” ~Leila Shaver

Mission Statement

To empower you, the adviser, against injustices created by burdensome regulations.

Full Mission

We empower you to stand up for their rights and push back against burdensome regulations and overly aggressive and abusive regulators.  We fight against the notion that financial advisers are guilty until proven innocent. We work with advisers to ensure they avoid the cost, mental and emotional stress of dealing with regulators by ensuring they have in place robust compliance systems.  By doing so, we disrupt the flow of money from advisory firms to predatory regulators.

Our Top 5 Beliefs:

  • You should not be afraid of regulators.
  • Regulators are more focused on filling their coffers than protecting the investor.
  • You can avoid fines, suspensions and bars from the industry by having robust compliance systems in place.
  • More times than not, investors know what is going on in their accounts, but play the fool when things don’t go as planned.,li.
  • Financial advisers should not be doing their own compliance work.

My RIA Lawyer is an innovative law firm focused on protecting the business and lifestyle of financial advisers. We empower our advisers against regulators and protect their businesses by providing comprehensive compliance and legal support. When necessary, we fight like hell and demand that advisers’ rights be protected.

Our passion and commitment to financial advisers comes from a very personal experience.

All too often we see financial advisers let their compliance responsibilities slip.  Then a regulator comes in, documents several deficiencies and then fines them for their failures.  A lot of times, this is when My RIA Lawyer is called.  Fighting regulators takes a great deal of time and resources.  Not only that, it takes a toll on your mindset and the time you spend on your business.

Can you imagine how much money you could be making by spending that time instead helping your clients achieve their financial goals?

Tommy Martin, CEO of Vestia Advisors, LLC, once said, “There is no other industry in the world that puts sales and quality control under the jurisdiction of the same individual. There is no greater conflict of interest in the industry because most firms do exactly this by having an advisor function as the CCO.” At Vestia Advisors, LLC, the CCO reports directly to the Board of Directors, making it so that even Tommy is subject to Vestia Advisors’ robust compliance program.  Why have they set up their business this way?  Because it means they get to focus on helping as many clients as possible knowing they won’t face the stress of defending themselves against regulators later.