Meet Our Founder

Founder’s Purpose

To protect the lifestyle and business of financial advisers from abusive regulators.

About Our Founder

Leila Shaver is a securities attorney and founder of My RIA Lawyer.

After working in the financial services industry for nearly a decade, she found her passion in helping financial advisers break free of brokerage firms and going independent. She believes that being independent and taking control of your legal and compliance needs allows for innovation, effective service and a better life for the adviser and their family.

Leila has seen first hand how costly and burdensome large brokerage firms can be for individual advisers. Advisers have to share the cost of compliance oversight and legal defense even if they do not utilize those services often. Brokerage firms also make sure they always get a cut of your hard-earned fees, no matter what is going on in your life. As corporate counsel for a large national brokerage firm for over 500 registered representatives, Leila saw hard-working advisers struggle to support their families because of the cost the brokerage firm levied upon them, leaving them bitterly dreaming of a life they thought they couldn’t achieve.

Leila’s experience as corporate counsel left an indelible mark. After years of consulting with private funds and providing legal services to new and current registered investment advisers, Leila decided to launch My RIA Lawyer. Leila strongly believes that by focusing the firm on investment advisers, her clients receive specialized services and advice that finally allow them to take control and live the life they dream of.

Leila created My RIA Lawyer so that new and established investment advisers receive the best possible help, service and guidance after making the decision to take control, go independent and finally live the life they dreamed of. Leila loves coming to work and helping clients make positive changes in their lives. She learns something new everyday about the needs of her clients and creates services to meet those needs.

Outside of the office, Leila enjoys running, going to Orange Theory Fitness classes, and cooking. She lives in Villa Rica with her wonderful husband, two sons, and dogs.