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Meet the Team with a Purpose

To help advisers take a closer look at their business, advise and correct the problems found and protect them from abusive regulators.

About Our CFO Consultant

Steve Fisher is a CFO Consultant bringing 30 years of leadership, consulting and executive management skills.

Steve began his career as a management consultant for a variety of industries, including transportation, manufacturing and commercial services.  However it was his time with J.P. Turner & Company, LLC that solidified his love for the financial services industry and helping advisers grow and thrive in an increasingly regulatory driven time.

Steve served as Chief Financial Officer of J.P. Turner from its humble beginnings in 1997 until the firm was successfully acquired in 2016. By keeping a focus on providing customer service to his advisers, developing and implementing the financial systems used by the company, and providing executive guidance to ownership, Steve helped grow the firm from a start-up to over $80 million in annual revenues.  The firm developed from having a small regional footprint to eventually becoming a successful nationwide enterprise supporting dozens of offices and hundreds of advisers. He accomplished this incredible feat despite J.P. Turner’s regulatory issues and the money lost in settling complaints and paying fines.  It is also during this time that Steve realized that regulators were driven by the amount of fines they could get from firms.  This realization fueled him to work even harder to keep J.P. Turner profitable despite the efforts of regulators to run the firm out of business.

Since his time at J.P. Turner, Steve has worked with private funds, providing services which include financial analysis and modeling, financial regulatory compliance, risk management, business exit strategy, streamlining financial and procedural policies, operational procedures development, and creating monitoring and accountability systems.  Steve delivers measurable positive results in these areas to clients so that they can remain focused on the central function of their business.

Steve brings his incredible experience to My RIA Lawyer serving as a fractional CFO to our clients, working with private funds and helping our advisers avoid greedy and abusive regulators by getting their financials in order, budgeting, planning for growth and ensuring that they get paid by EACH client ON TIME.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Virginia Tech.  He and his wife live in the metro Atlanta area and enjoy cooking and spending time with their two adopted rescue dogs.

About Our Legal Assistant

Sheena Johnson

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