Meet Our Team

About Our Founder

Leila Shaver is a securities attorney and founder of My RIA Lawyer.

After working in the financial services industry for nearly a decade, she found her passion in defending advisory firms against regulators. As a business owner and entrepreneur, Leila understands the hard word and dedication that goes into starting and growing your business to best serve your clients.  She also knows the threat of a fine or suspension because of a small mistake is a dark cloud that showers on the achievements of advisory firms and their owners.

As corporate counsel for a large national brokerage firm for over 500 registered representatives, Leila saw first hand how regulators treating advisory firms- as piggy banks to fill their coffers.  By preying on those firms that have weak compliance cultures and a lack of internal structure and oversight, regulators created continuing streams of revenue by constantly fining and suspending key members of the firm.

Leila’s experience as corporate counsel left an indelible mark. After years of consulting with private funds and providing legal services to new and current registered investment advisers, Leila decided to launch My RIA Lawyer. Leila strongly believes that by focusing the firm on advisory firms, her clients receive specialized services and advice that finally allow them to take control of their businesses and clear the sky of those dark clouds- the regulators.

Leila created My RIA Lawyer so that advisory firms receive the best possible help, service and defense after making the decision to take control and fight back against regulators. Leila loves coming to work and helping clients make positive changes in their lives. She learns something new everyday about the needs of her clients and creates services to meet those needs.

Outside of the office, Leila enjoys running, drinking wine with friends, and cooking. She lives in Villa Rica with her wonderful husband, two sons, and pit bull-dingo mix, Duke.

About Our CFO Consultant

Steve Fisher is a CFO Consultant bringing 30 years of leadership, consulting and executive management skills.

Steve began his career as a management consultant for a variety of industries, including transportation, manufacturing and commercial services.  However it was his time with J.P. Turner & Company, LLC that solidified his love for the financial services industry and helping advisers grow and thrive in an increasingly regulatory driven time.

Steve served as Chief Financial Officer of J.P. Turner from its humble beginnings in 1997 until the firm was successfully acquired in 2016. By keeping a focus on providing customer service to his advisers, developing and implementing the financial systems used by the company, and providing executive guidance to ownership, Steve helped grow the firm from a start-up to over $80 million in annual revenues.  The firm developed from having a small regional footprint to eventually becoming a successful nationwide enterprise supporting dozens of offices and hundreds of advisers. He accomplished this incredible feat despite J.P. Turner’s regulatory issues and the money lost in settling complaints and paying fines.  It is also during this time that Steve realized that regulators were driven by the amount of fines they could get from firms.  This realization fueled him to work even harder to keep J.P. Turner profitable despite the efforts of regulators to run the firm out of business.

Since his time at J.P. Turner, Steve has worked with private funds, providing services which include financial analysis and modeling, financial regulatory compliance, risk management, business exit strategy, streamlining financial and procedural policies, operational procedures development, and creating monitoring and accountability systems.  Steve delivers measurable positive results in these areas to clients so that they can remain focused on the central function of their business.

Steve brings his incredible experience to My RIA Lawyer serving as a fractional CFO to our clients, working with private funds and helping our advisers avoid greedy and abusive regulators by getting their financials in order, budgeting, planning for growth and ensuring that they get paid by EACH client ON TIME.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Virginia Tech.  He and his wife live in the metro Atlanta area and enjoy cooking and spending time with their two adopted rescue dogs.

About Our Paralegal

Tiffany Johnson

Don’t mistake Tiffany’s professional demeanor for a lack of thoughtfulness and caring.  Tiffany has an insatiable desire to make sure our clients get exactly what they need when she is working on your case.  Her methodical nature brings a rare level of attention to detail for our clients’ projects.  The attorneys also rely too much on her ability to read their minds, which is one of her many superpowers.

With nearly a decade of legal and business experience, Tiffany assists advisers in creating strong cases against wrongdoers. Her previous experience at two well-respected firms has given her the skills necessary to defend advisers against regulators.

Tiffany graduated from Ohio State University and received her paralegal certificate from the University of Georgia. Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in the community, and writing.

Support Staff

About Our Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development

Lauren Holverson, MBA

Lauren began her career conducting market research and advising small businesses in Alabama. After graduating from the University of Montevallo, Lauren became the Marketing Specialist for a property management firm in Atlanta.

Her love of learning drove her to purse a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Shortly after receiving her MBA, Lauren began managing The Burson Center under the guidance of Carroll Tomorrow and the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. The Burson Center is a small business incubator that supports start-up and growing companies. Lauren became the Director shortly after receiving international certification from InBIA. She worked with a variety of industries, including: healthcare, construction, professional services, technology, and more.

With Lauren’s expertise and passion for small business, the center reached numerous milestones. In 2016, a record number of businesses graduated from the program, and the center experienced tremendous growth. Lauren worked with entrepreneurs to fill knowledge gaps. She assisted entrepreneurs with business plans, marketing initiatives, employee development, contracts, and more. Lauren also introduced and led a series of successful classes for entrepreneurs and students. Before leaving The Burson Center, she aided in the grand opening of a makerspace for makers across West Georgia.

Lauren brings her incredible experience to My RIA Lawyer serving as our Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development. She will work with advisers to build strong businesses for generations to come and provide marketing expertise.

Lauren, her husband, and cats live in the metro Atlanta area. Together they enjoy remodeling projects, walks in the park, and vacationing in Hawaii.

About Our Receptionist

Hannah Farmer

Hannah provides suburb customer service to our clients. She studied business at the University of West Georgia and joined our team upon graduation.

Hannah lives in Carrollton with her dog, JoJo. She enjoys running, visiting the beach, and hanging with friends. Hannah is a self-proclaimed coffee addict.

About Our Accountant

Connor Hower

Connor brings years  of experience in tax to his role as a Certified Public Accountant at My RIA Lawyer. He is the man with the answers. Connor has expertise in providing comprehensive accounting services, including individual, corporate, and partnership income tax returns and audits, compilations, and payroll tax reports.

Connor attended the University of North Carolina. He is a former athlete and enjoys watching baseball. Connor also enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

About Our Client Growth Specialist

Scarlett Murphy

Scarlett works with our clients to maximize their investment efforts, while ensuring they’re upholding their legal responsibilities. She understands the RIA world, having previously worked as an Administrative Associate with a large broker-dealer in the Atlanta area.

Scarlett attended Kennesaw State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, with a focus in professional sales.  Scarlett enjoys shopping and traveling to Europe.