The SEC is Proposing a Modernization of the Framework for Fund Valuation Practices

This is huge news. We haven’t seen this addressed since 1970. The proposal reflects the vast changes that have taken place over the years. It also recognizes the important role that funds’ investment advisers may play and the expertise they may provide. This new rule is designed to explain how fund boards can satisfy their […]

The Experiment – What Is It?

Did You Miss Our Announcement? We’re offering a new way to obtain services at an affordable cost. It’s simple. You, along with four other advisers, agree to start a fractional co-op. Your co-op agrees to a level of services offered by My RIA Lawyer for a monthly fee. The Experiment is the most affordable way […]

How to Prepare for a Recession

There’s been quite a bit of recession buzz, as economists and others try to determine when it will strike. The key to surviving a recession is preparation and a reduction in spending. Businesses can already begin preparing for the recession by following some simple tips. We are sharing several that can be implemented by small […]

The government shutdown and how it affects financial advisers.

It’s been all over the news- we are in the middle of a government shutdown. National parks are shut down, TSA agents are calling out sick in what is being called the “blue flu”, and government employees are out looking for temp jobs to pay bills until they can go back to their government jobs.  […]

Is it time to outsource that task?

Today, we’re discussing outsourcing. If you haven’t thought about it before, you might want to consider it after hearing from our guest. Our special guest this week is Jennifer Goldman. Jennifer is a CFP® with 25 years of experience transforming advisory businesses.  Through workshops and consulting services, she shares her passion with business owners around […]

Do you have clients living in the EU? You may be subject to the GDPR.

The European Union approved the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) on April 14, 2016.  It went into effect May 25, 2018.  It is considered to be the largest overhaul of the European Union’s data privacy laws in 20 years. Who does it effect? Regardless of whether you are established inside or outside of the EU, […]

Steve’s Corner: Forecast or Fortune Telling?

Forecast or Fortune Telling? A recent survey found that the number one use of smartphones was to access weather forecasts.  People plan their activities and actions around these forecasts and have become heavily dependent upon their accuracy in their day to day lives.  What is truly amazing is that many business owners do not review […]