What Others Are Saying

See What Others Are Saying About My RIA Lawyer.

Lindsey Chrystan, Owner of Success Financial Group, LLC.

Leila is thorough and prompt. She went out of her to get it done ASAP. Working with Leila took a load off me! She said from Day 1 we will get it handled and she sure did! I was able to cut ties with a prior adviser and pay with lump sum saving almost $200k.


Phillip StatlerPresident of Statler Financial Services, Inc.


In 2017, after being in business for eleven years, I was audited by the state. I had a compliance consultant from the start that filed all my regulatory filing. He had even done a mock audit, showing for the most part everything was good, however when I informed him I was being audited he offered no assistance or help. The audit was overwhelming. That is when I reached out to Leila. She was a big help in responding to the audit and helping to calm my nerves. After receiving the audit deficiency report she jumped in to resolve the issues and negotiated with the state for a settlement. I would hire Leila and her team for audit issues again and she is now my compliance consultant.

Jon C. Goodman, CPWA® Principal, Certified Private Wealth Advisor®

I couldn’t recommend Leila Shaver more highly.  In 2016, she and a team of others guided me through the process of registering my firm as an Investment Advisor.  Ever since, including when she set out on her own to form My RIA Lawyer, she has made herself available at every turn to offer equally helpful counsel.  What’s more, if a need of ours was outside her purview, she referred us to the right professionals who could help. In my fifteen years in the industry, I can state this unequivocally: Leila is as personable, professional, responsive, and caring as anyone with whom I’ve worked.  I dare say, she’s the ideal compliance pro to have in one’s corner.

Kristi Bodin, Owner of Kristi A. Bodin, Esq.

Leila is smart, thorough, and very personable. She excels at making sure her clients are happy and well taken care of. I recommend her highly!

Stephen Faulkner, Manager & Founder of Altivolus Capital

Leila is an extremely bright woman. Always professional and usually replies with a response within a day. Her work is top notch. I never faced any mistakes or needed to backtrack when working with Leila on lengthy legal material. This was very helpful of course. Sometimes working with lawyers can be a drag. Not with Leila! A very upbeat and enjoyable person to complete goals with. I wish her and her future clients the best of luck

Martin A. Smith, Founder of Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.

Leila Shaver is an excellent Attorney. She offers tremendous insight into the areas of regulatory compliance that impacts my business on a daily basis. Our firm has been strengthened by hiring Leila to serve our legal and investment compliance needs!

Scott Sherman, Partner at Nelson Mullins

I worked with Leila as outside counsel to the company she worked in as corporate counsel. She was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I enjoyed working with Leila. She is an excellent, capable attorney.

Joshua Nelson, Attorney at Nelson Elder Care Law

Leila is a thorough and detail oriented practitioner that still has an ease about her that makes her great to deal with. You can really tell her passion lies with securities and I endorse this lawyer.

               Nicholas Chiricosta, Utopia Wealth Management


I worked with Leila as I was getting my new RIA firm up and running. Leila provided expert legal advice as a complement to the national compliance firm who was assisting me with my registration. I was introduced to Leila after I had already begun the process and not sure how I would have made it through without her. She was an invaluable resource and I look forward to working together again in the future!

Arielle Minicozzi, Financial Planner at Sphynx Financial Planning


I did a free consultation with Leila regarding business strategy. Her advice was helpful and thorough in reviewing my situation.

Angela Moore, Certified Financial Planner


Leila is an expert with compliance but she also offers a wealth of knowledge as a business owner. We discussed everything including compliance, marketing, business partnerships, and more.

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