FINRA provides more guidance on communications with clients after brokers leave. FINRA moves forward on new rule proposals for broker-dealers
Have you been taught to ask questions that will lead a potential client to say "yes"? Have you had a
Are you worried about having to pay unemployment?  Are you unsure of how to handle a meeting where you are
U-5 Summary The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) establishes rules and regulations for broker-dealer member. This includes termination of employees.
Compliance in the Internet Age: Social Media & Digital Marketing Guidelines Part 3 of our Expert Interview with Leila Shaver, of
Compliance in the Internet Age: Regulators and Compliance Consultants Part 2 of our Expert Interview with Leila Shaver, of My RIA
Compliance in the Internet Age: Understanding Advertising, Fees, and Suitability Requirements Part 1 of our Expert Interview with Leila Shaver,
Advisers can expect to face some challenges in 2019. Many of these challenges also apply to entrepreneurs in other industries.
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