About My RIA Lawyer

Our MISSION is to help you, a firm or solo adviser, navigate the legal complexities of the RIA world. 

Our PURPOSE is to help you, a firm or solo adviser, focus on what you are best at- serving your clients.

Our VISION is to see advisers fulfilling their purpose in life without the stress of managing regulations and the worry that their livelihood will be taken away.

Our PROMISES to you: affirm your strengths and defend your weaknesses, to treat others the way we want to be treated, to extend grace to the teachable, to seek first to understand before trying to be understood, to challenge the status quo, to give others the benefit of the doubt, and praise in public & correct in private.

“In life, it’s not that we don’t have enough time; it’s that we lose so much of it. We waste time on things that can be outsourced instead of spending time on things and people we love.  I’d rather pay someone to to clean my house and take that time to spend with my children.  Our clients are happier letting us ‘clean house’  while they work with their clients.  In the end, they have more satisfaction in their businesses and they’re happier overall.”     ~Leila Shaver

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