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Making the jump to start your own firm is a big decision. Its stressful, hard work, and you have to learn a ton. This why I decided to hire a professional team to help establish my RIA the right way the first time. My RIA Lawyer’s team is absolutely amazing. They have demonstrated expert knowledge, personable staff, and they have shown us how much they genuinely care about setting us up for success by giving us the tools we need to help others. Thank you Leila and Liz for all of your hard work!

Eric Gomez

The initial consultation was extremely valuable. I definitely recommend speaking with them. I had very custom needs, and they rose to the task!

Caleb Anderson

I worked with Leila as I was getting my new RIA firm up and running. Leila provided expert legal advice as a complement to the national compliance firm who was assisting me with my registration. I was introduced to Leila after I had already begun the process and not sure how I would have made it through without her. She was an invaluable resource and I look forward to working together again in the future!

Nicholas Chiricosta

I have used My RIA Lawyer for filing my Annual Amendments in the past and was very happy with their services and professionalism. Leila Shaver is very responsive, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services!

Rafael G.

Leila is an expert with compliance but she also offers a wealth of knowledge as a business owner. We discussed everything including compliance, marketing, business partnerships, and more. Even though my firm is not yet at a point to work with her, she has sent me multiple emails offering assistance with the things we spoke about during our meeting.

Angela M.

The attorneys at MyRIALawyer are always extremely attentive, responsive and competent. We look forward to expanding our relationship, as we continue to grow.

Chad M.

In 2017, after being in business for eleven year, I was audited by the state. I had a compliance consultant from the start that filed all my regulatory filing. He had even done a mock audit, showing for the most part everything was good, however when I informed him I was being audited he offered no assistance or help. The audit was overwhelming. That is when I reached out to Leila. She was a big help in responding to the audit and helping to calm my nerves.

Phillip S.

Had a great experience with Leila Shaver and her firm. She is easy to talk with about issues that need legal attention, conducts herself very professionally and most important, gets results. I would recommend her services without reservation!

Bill M.

Leila is extremely professional & organized and genuinely cares about your situation. I’m so pleased to have been referred to her firm. I would highly recommend her!

Darren K.

Working with Leila and her team made the registration process easy, streamlined, and thorough. They were great to work with and I highly recommend them.

Bill W.

I did a free consultation with Leila regarding business strategy. Her advice was helpful and thorough in reviewing my situation.

Arielle M.

They are a huge help and always there when you need them!!!

Jason D.

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