We support, protect and defend investment advisers.

My RIA Lawyer has a proven record of protecting financial advisers by helping them create strong compliance systems and empowering them to fight back when regulators threaten their business and livelihood.

We Make Financial Advisers Our Business

You work hard to grow your business and create the life of your dreams.  Now you need to protect it. We are attorneys focused exclusively on protecting the businesses and lifestyles of financial advisers from abusive regulators. It is our passion and sole niche. Located in Atlanta near SunTrust Park, we represent clients throughout the United States. We provide services to serve your firm- from RIA registration to ongoing compliance services to legal defense against client complaints and regulatory actions.

Choosing An Experienced RIA Lawyer is a Wise Decision

We are ready to support your business so that you can focus on the best use of your time- helping as many investors as possible. Personal attention is central to our mission. Our goal is to keep nosy regulators out of your business and out of your wallet.  When we aren’t helping firms avoid regulators by putting in place robust compliance systems, we are vigorously defending them against client and regulatory actions.

Tired of being treated like you are guilty until proven innocent? Take a stand against regulators.

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