Doing nothing, changes nothing.

Let’s be real.  You would rather meet with prospective clients and provide them services then do compliance tasks.  Why?  Because working with clients MAKES YOU MONEY.  Compliance is not a revenue generating activity.

BUT, a robust compliance program can SAVE you money.  Of course, you can’t see and feel the savings in your bank account everyday.  You really only feel the pain of not investing in your compliance program when you have to pay a hefty fine. So why spend the time on it?  Watch this video if you want to know how a routine examination can cost your firm almost $400,000!

So you don’t want to do it, but you are REQUIRED BY LAW to do it.  Why not hand off the work to a bunch of lawyers who are compliance nerds and are experts in the RIA field?  As a matter of fact, why not hand off the work to the ONLY law firm SOLELY focused on the RIA space?

But before you hire anyone to handle your compliance and legal matters, you need to read my FREE report “Top 25 mistakes non-attorney services providers make that will destroy your chance to avoid HUGE fines”.

It’s time for a change.

A message from our Founder. If starting and running businesses were easy, everyone would be doing it.  But everyone can’t.  It takes gumption, vision and sacrifice.  It’s important to choose the right team to protect your firm, and that includes your outsourced providers.  We aren’t the right choice for every firm.  If you aren’t serious about setting your firm up for success by putting in place a strong compliance infrastructure and following a legal documentation process, then we definitely aren’t the firm for you.  But if this is more than a hobby or side hustle, then we may be a good fit.



About My RIA Lawyer. We are securities attorneys focused on helping financial advisory firms navigate the legal complexities of the RIA world. It’s stressful enough ensuring your clients are receiving the best service you can provide, let alone making sure you are keeping up with your regulatory responses and dealing with operational and human resources issues.  With My RIA Lawyer, you can trust that the compliance and legal work is getting done.  Located in Atlanta near SunTrust Park, we represent clients throughout the United States and those abroad who wish to do business in the United States.

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