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You want to focus on what you do best- servicing your clients and growing your business. Instead you are getting stuck in responsibilities sucking up your time- like answering questions from regulators, completing compliance tasks, dealing with HR issues, hiring and termination issues and more.  Don’t you wish you could give that work to someone you trust to make sure it is done right? Before you hire anyone to handle your compliance and legal matters, you need to read my FREE report “Top 25 mistakes non-attorney services providers make that will destroy your chance to avoid HUGE fines”.

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A message from our Founder. We get to inspire our clients everyday to chase their dreams & make them realities. To us, nothing is more frustrating than sharing your goals with another and then being told it can’t be done.  At My RIA Lawyer, we don’t care what others say can’t be done.  If you trust us enough to share your problems, goals and ambitions, we are going to find a way to resolve the issues and make your dreams a reality.  We achieve that by helping firms navigate the legal complexities of the RIA world.  We believe in having your back and making your goals our priority.  Your trust is incredibly important to us.


About My RIA Lawyer. We are securities attorneys focused on helping financial advisory firms navigate the legal complexities of the RIA world. It’s stressful enough ensuring your clients are receiving the best service you can provide, let alone making sure you are keeping up with your regulatory responses and dealing with operational and human resources issues.  With My RIA Lawyer, you can trust that the compliance and legal work is getting done.  Located in Atlanta near SunTrust Park, we represent clients throughout the United States and those abroad who wish to do business in the United States.

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