Tracie is a dynamic individual whose life revolves around two central pillars: her deep-rooted passion for her career and her unwavering commitment to her family. Alongside her husband, Ryan, and their four children—Halie, Lexie, Rylie, and Griffin—she embraces a philosophy that emphasizes the value of hard work as the gateway to experiencing the world’s wonders.

With a diverse professional background, Tracie has seamlessly transitioned through various executive roles, each contributing to her wealth of experiences. From a successful career in banking to entrepreneurship and eventually attaining her Juris Doctor and Master’s in Public Administration, she has consistently pursued her dreams with determination and fervor. Tracie’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her legal expertise, has propelled her into impactful roles, including lobbying for legislative change and spearheading real estate ventures in renewable energy for mergers and acquisitions ranging between $100-500 million dollars.

As a seasoned executive, Tracie has held pivotal positions within statewide law firms, wielding her expertise in finance, operations, and strategic planning. Her consultancy work has extended her influence globally, touching over 300 law firms across the United States and the UK. Yet, amidst her professional endeavors, Tracie remains grounded in her belief in personal and professional development, evident through her certification as a professional business coach and her dedication to teaching ethical leadership and business law as an adjunct professor.

Beyond the boardroom, Tracie finds solace in the simple joys of life. Whether it’s immersing herself in a good book, experimenting with culinary delights from around the world, or embarking on adventures with her loved ones, she approaches every moment with enthusiasm and curiosity. With a profound appreciation for both the journey and the destination, Tracie continues to inspire those around her to dream big, work hard, and embrace the beauty of life’s experiences.