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My RIA Lawyer helps establish, register, and manage private funds.

Private Funds

If you want to start and manage a private fund, you must consider market trends, regulations, securities laws, and so much more. Without the right insight and strategy, your private fund could collapse, causing you to lose your clients’ money while harming your reputation.

My RIA Lawyer is well-versed and experienced in establishing, registering, and managing private funds. Reach out to our private investment funds lawyer today to find out how we can help you with each step, from forming the fund to raising capital, ensuring compliance, preparing contracts, and more. While some firms step aside after forming the fund, we can serve as your partner through the entire process.

Types of Private Funds

Our private investment funds lawyer helps firms establish and register various types of funds. Our practice areas include:

  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Venture capital funds
  • ESG funds
  • Offshore funds
  • BDCs
  • Real estate funds
  • CPOs

This isn’t an all-inclusive list of our practice funds. If your fund isn’t listed, please contact us for more information.

Forming Private Funds

Private equity and investment companies are typically in charge of managing investments from businesses. Having a private funds lawyer is a valuable resource when establishing and managing these funds. First, the private investment funds lawyer can help the client raise funds needed through arrangements such as partnership agreements. Once the funds are raised, the lawyer will form the fund by creating organizational documents, regulatory filings, and more.

Then, the private funds lawyer will ensure that all partners understand the regulatory requirements of the fund. Staying in compliance is one of the most important aspects of managing a private fund. Even a small oversight can lead to an investigation, fines, and sanctions, so this information is crucial.

Private Invest Funds Lawyer

Legal Support For Private Funds

Ongoing legal support is necessary, regardless of the type of private fund. The attorney will review all promotional materials for the private fund, ensuring that each document meets the necessary legal guidelines. Also, the attorney can answer investor questions on behalf of the business while also being on hand to answer operational and structural questions for the firm. In addition, the lawyer can prepare amendments and side letters as needed and help managers modify the funds.

The private funds lawyer can also vet potential investors. After conducting an evaluation, the lawyer can let the manager know if the investor is eligible or poses a risk to the fund.

Private Funds And Marketing Restrictions

Regulation D of the Securities Act provides a safe harbor from the standard registration requirement for private funds. To qualify for safe harbor, the fund cannot use general advertising or solicitation to sell securities. Private fund managers must follow guidelines for all publications, targeted communications, and information presented at conferences. Also, the fund’s website has to comply with all guidelines. A private funds lawyer will go over all communication to ensure they meet the regulations. If not, the attorney can create a strategy to get the communications into compliance.

The SEC And Private Investment Funds

The SEC monitors private funds, looking for violations. If it believes that a violation has occurred, it will initiate an investigation and hand out penalties. Often, the penalties include $1 million or more in fines. Violations are often related to conflicts of interest, marketing materials, and a failure to disclose fees and expenses. 


A private funds lawyer will review your fund to ensure that it is in compliance and can help you address any issues. With the help of a lawyer, you will stay within the law while managing your private fund.  Contact us today for a Consultation.

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