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CFO Services

At My RIA Lawyer, we understand that financial success is integral to a thriving business. Our CFO Consulting Services offer the expertise of seasoned finance professionals who specialize in financial reporting, financial planning, and finance operations. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of cash management, our team will help streamline your finance function and enhance your business strategy.

From process improvement to capital management, we work tirelessly to maximize your enterprise value and drive corporate development. Trust our experts to optimize your financial processes so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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Ongoing CFO Packages

We offer two types of CFO Consulting services. You decide what fits your business best, and let us do the rest. We offer ongoing service packages at two different levels. These can act as add-on services to your compliance needs. There are also a la carte services that are available on an as-needed basis.

For more information, check out details of our services below. If you are ready to get started with services, click here to schedule a consultation with our team.


  • 2 hours/month CFO phone support
  • Monthly review/report of financial statements produced by your bookkeeper/comptroller to include
  • Our CFO will listen to you about where you want the future state of your company to be versus where it is today.
  • We will request the necessary information/records/financial reports to begin our work delivering a solution for you.
  • We will develop a structured business plan to bridge this gap between the present and future state of your company.


  • Our CFOs will review your systems, key partners, financial obligations, contracts, agreements, etc.
  • Milestones, delivery dates, KPIs, and other metrics will be developed and tracked so that you can have more control over your business and be able to monitor the progress of our successful engagement with you.
  • You will be updated on a frequent basis and advised of any changes, issues, or processes that need to be addressed.

A La Carte Services

  • Succession Planning
  • Acquisition Planning and Financial Integration
  • Obtaining Debt Financing (SBA loans, Bank loans, Line of Credit)
  • Custodian evaluation and transfer
  • Financial Modeling
  • Partnership Buyout Support
  • Employee Benefits Selection
  • Financial Systems (review, upgrading, switching) – non IT
  • Work with your CPA firm as needed

Contact My RIA Lawyer for Your CFO Consulting Needs

At My RIA Lawyer, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape. Our CFO Consulting Services are designed to empower CFOs and drive enterprise growth. With our expertise in process optimization, internal controls, and revenue growth strategies, we provide comprehensive CFO advisory services that add value to your organization.

Our team specializes in delivering full-time CFO services that align with your company’s goals and objectives. We offer tailored solutions that address your specific needs, whether it’s compliance, accounting, or financial organization.

If you’re ready to take your finance department to the next level, contact us today to explore how our CFO Consulting Services can transform your business operations.

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We get it – you need answers, and you need them now. That’s where we come in, offering a blend of big-firm resources with the kind of personal attention you’d expect from a smaller one.

But what really sets us apart? We’re all about your success. Compliance is just the start; we’re here to help you thrive. We know the ins and outs of the financial world, and we’re not afraid to think outside the box to help you reach your goals while playing by the rules.

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