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My RIA Lawyer offers SEC mock exams to help RIAs meet compliance regulations.

SEC Mock Exam

Are you prepared if the SEC conducts a compliance exam? Whether you’re anxiously awaiting the first exam or have been cited for deficiencies in the past and worried about follow-up action, an SEC mock exam is the key to your success. My RIA Lawyer offers a detailed mock exam service that includes both on-site and off-site exams. This service will help your Chief Compliance Officer and compliance staff prepare for future exams. With our help, you can correct compliance issues now before the SEC steps in.

SEC Mock Exam Process

My RIA’s comprehensive SEC mock exam service includes:

  • Off-site review
  • Exam report outlining deficiencies and categorized by level of risk
  • On-site mock SEC exam
  • Remediation Plan
  • Compliance Meeting with staff to discuss major deficiencies
  • Regulatory updates

How The Mock Exam Process Works

My RIA Lawyer’s SEC mock exam mimics the process the SEC uses. First, we will initiate an off-site review by requesting documents related to recent requests made by SEC examiners.

Next, we will perform an on-site mock SEC exam. We will conduct staff and personnel interviews and live testing of your books and records, storage, client files, and more. After going through our findings, we will provide a written summary of the findings. The review will also include a schedule for remediation of any deficiencies we discover. Each deficiency will be assigned a risk level. This indicates which compliance issues are the most serious and should be corrected first. We will discuss the remediation tasks in detail and help you comply with all regulations. With our assistance, you can fix any problems before undergoing a real SEC exam.

Compliance Rests On The CEO’s Shoulders

Mock Exam Lawyer

By undergoing an SEC mock exam, you can protect yourself and your company. Using this service shows that you are dedicated to maintaining compliance standards. However, if you don’t get a lawyer, you could be on the hook for a hefty fine. Even first-time offenders can expect large fines. Thus, an SEC mock exam is critical to your firm’s financial health. In many cases, a firm’s insurance company will offer discounts or subsidize the cost of a mock exam if they hire a reputable company to conduct it.

Learn What Documents The SEC Will Request

An SEC mock exam does more than ensure you comply. It will also make the process of gathering and providing documents much easier during a real SEC exam. Many firms are overwhelmed by the number of documents they have to supply. Karen Bordonaro, the CCO for Demming Financial Services Corp, provides an excellent example of this. When her firm underwent its first SEC exam, the staff was instructed to provide documents that covered 18-20 areas. This was a limited scope exam, and it still took two employees up to 10 hours a day for five days to get all the necessary documents. You can save time and money by learning what will be expected through a mock exam.

Avoid Investigations With An SEC Mock Exam

Undergoing an SEC mock exam can help you avoid triggering an investigation of your firm. If your firm is investigated, you can expect to lose clients. This is especially true if you manage high and ultra-high net worth clients, charities or pension funds. Your clients might lose trust in you, even if you take care of the problems and get back in compliance. Avoid this problem by using our SEC mock exam services. By fixing the problems now, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy investigation that can harm your firm’s reputation and financial standing. Contact us to set up a consultation.

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