Social Dilemma: SEC Edition

With recent increase in the usage of electronic communication, we thought it necessary to touch on what the SEC is focusing their attention on. RIAs use various forms of electronic communication and its important to remember to comply with the Investment Advisers Act. There are certain obligations when personnel engage in electronic messaging. Here are […]

What are you missing in your management of Private Funds?

The OCIE is frequently asked about their findings in the examination process of RIAs that manage private equity funds or hedge funds. These deficiencies they discover may have caused investors to pay higher fees and expenses or caused them not to be informed of conflicts of interest concerning the adviser and fund. Here are some […]


Acquiring new clients and communicating effectively with clients can be one of your biggest challenges. One of the easiest ways to continue the conversation is by creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to establish expertise, build trust, and stay top of mind. Newsletters are a great tool for communicating services, […]

Highlights from 2018

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle of running your own business, managing employees and then going home to your family.  By taking a step back and looking at the big picture, we can better appreciate our accomplishments and learn from our failures.  This year has been great for My RIA Lawyer […]

Is it time to outsource that task?

Today, we’re discussing outsourcing. If you haven’t thought about it before, you might want to consider it after hearing from our guest. Our special guest this week is Jennifer Goldman. Jennifer is a CFP® with 25 years of experience transforming advisory businesses.  Through workshops and consulting services, she shares her passion with business owners around […]

Developing a Strategy for 2019

Can you believe how quickly the year flew by? As January quickly approaches, it’s time to think about your strategy for the new year. Where is your business currently? Where are you going? These are just a couple of questions you should be asking yourselves. Business Plan The purpose of a business plan is to […]

Steve’s Corner: Forecast or Fortune Telling?

Forecast or Fortune Telling? A recent survey found that the number one use of smartphones was to access weather forecasts.  People plan their activities and actions around these forecasts and have become heavily dependent upon their accuracy in their day to day lives.  What is truly amazing is that many business owners do not review […]

FINRA Expungements

FINRA and the SEC seek to make expungements more difficult. Background Through the expungement process, associated persons may seek to remove allegations made by customers from the Central Registration Depository (“CRD”) system and hence from the FINRA BrokerCheck (“BrokerCheck”) system. It has been FINRA’s position that expungement of customer dispute information is an extraordinary measure, […]

SEC Exam Priorities for 2018

On February 7th, the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (“OCIE”) released its annual examination priorities memo for 2018, providing insight into what the SEC will be looking for this year. The SEC identified five key themes that will be priorities for OCIE in 2018: Retail Investors, Compliance and Risks in Critical Market Infrastructure, […]

December 2017 Newsletter

Click here to check out our December 2017 newsletter! Be sure to sign up to get all of My RIA Lawyer’s newsletters delivered straight to your inbox. This month we discuss when you may be deemed to have custody of client funds and assets.  Also, January 1 is the last change to get $500 off […]