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Get It Right: 5 Reasons You Need Legal Support for Private Funds

Lawyers ensure private funds follow compliance rules.

You need to get it right when managing private funds. You already have your eye set on success. But the secret to achieving your goals is having the right legal support in your corner. Don’t let legal jargon and paperwork stand in the way of making your dream come true.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Arming yourself with the right legal team can make all the difference. Don’t risk sacrificing any of your hard work by taking careless shortcuts with the wrong kind of legal advice.

Take all the guesswork out and equip yourself with an experienced attorney who knows their stuff regarding private funds. In this article, we’ll dive into five reasons you need legal support for your private fund.

1. Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

Private funds are not exempt from following complex regulations and laws. And while you may think that you have the financial and investment knowledge to go it alone, tackling the legal side of things is best left to the professionals.

So why is legal support so critical? Well, there are many reasons, but let’s start with regulatory compliance—private funds are subject to an ever-evolving set of regulations and legal requirements that can be difficult for even experienced investors to navigate.

Working with an experienced lawyer can provide you with peace of mind that your fund is compliant and meets all applicable regulations. Plus, having a lawyer on board means they can guide you on any changes in legislation or regulation so that your fund is always up-to-date.

2. Drafting and Reviewing Legal Documents

You may think setting up a private fund is as simple as raising capital, but you’d be wrong. Tons of complex legal documents are required to get your private fund up and running. These documents include private placement memorandums, limited partnership agreements, and subscription agreements—all of which need to be drafted and reviewed by a qualified lawyer.

These agreements provide legal protection and assurance that the rights of both parties involved in the investment are upheld properly. Without engaging a lawyer to review and draft them, you expose yourself to potential risks that could end with dire results for the fund.

By engaging the services of an experienced lawyer for your private funds, you can ensure that each document is legally sound and compliant with all relevant regulations. This helps you avoid costly fines or lawsuits, so your funds are safe from unnecessary disruptions.

3. Mitigating Legal Risks

Financial transactions, whether public or private, come with a set of legal risks. The same applies to private funds. Although you want to ensure that returns are maximized, you also need to be mindful of the legal risks involved when working with private funds.

Regulatory Investigations

When dealing with private funds, you must be aware of potential regulatory investigations. This could include an investigation from a financial or securities regulator that has conducted an audit or requested further due diligence into your company’s operations. Being compliant and up-to-date with regulatory standards is key!

Potential Disputes

Disputes are something you’d rather avoid, and the same applies to private funds. Whether it’s a dispute with an investor or service provider, having legal representation on standby will help mitigate any potential conflicts and help get the situation sorted out quickly and effectively.

RIA compliance is mandatory for all types of funds

Compliance Breaches

Compliance breaches are serious business and can result in hefty fines if left unchecked. That’s why having legal support in place is essential. Whether it’s a compliance officer who is up to date on regulations or a lawyer who can review relevant contracts and documents, it’s important to have someone looking out for any issues that could arise.

While dealing with private funds can be rewarding, there is also inevitable risk involved — which is why it’s best to have experienced legal advisors on your side at all times to protect yourself against potential disputes, regulatory investigations, and compliance breaches, among other things.

4. Advising on Fund Structure and Strategy

When you have private funds, you need legal support to get it right. That’s because private funds are complex financial structures, and navigating them requires careful consideration of the fund’s legal structure, investment strategy, and tax implications.

Nobody wants to end up in a costly legal dispute or be left paying hefty tax bills they didn’t expect. From a regulatory and tax perspective, a good lawyer can provide the expertise and guidance needed to ensure the fund is structured correctly and efficiently. They can also advise on how to manage investments to minimize portfolio risk while maximizing returns.

5. Providing Ongoing Legal Support

The fifth reason you need legal support for setting up your private funds is for ongoing legal guidance. A qualified attorney is a perfect partner when it comes to staying in compliance with all the legal regulations that govern private funds, as well as providing reviews and updating of legal documents and helping you manage any other issues that may come up.

A good attorney should stay up-to-date on any changes in the regulatory landscape and keep you informed of any updates. This can help you stay compliant with the latest laws and regulations, so your fund runs smoothly.

Furthermore, they can review your existing documents to ensure everything is in order and provide helpful advice if any legal matters arise. Your legal team should also be prepared to draft or edit important documents—such as investment agreements, private placement memorandums, or subscription documents—and provide reliable advice on all aspects of running a private fund.

They can help you navigate due diligence processes, resolve disputes with investors or fund partners, and do whatever else it takes to protect your fund’s interests.

Having a competent legal team on your side is essential to ensure the success of your private funds. They can provide expert guidance throughout each stage of operating a fund and ensure that everything always stays above board.

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Getting the right legal support for your private funds is essential if you want to protect your investments. When investing in private funds, you need to know all the risks and rewards associated with this type of investment.

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Leila Shaver is the Founder of My RIA Lawyer, a law firm that provides compliance and legal consulting for financial institutions. With extensive experience as a securities attorney and compliance expert, she has served as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel to RIAs, BDs, and TAMPs with billions in assets under management.

Leila understands the challenges RIAs face and is committed to helping RIAs streamline their processes, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. She received her Juris Doctor from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and is a West Georgia Young Lawyers’ Association member. Leila has received numerous accolades for her work, including the Carroll County Bar Association’s Outstanding Young Lawyer Award in 2017.

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